$242M Verdict to Family of Children Hurt by Seatbacks in Lexus Crash

The family of two young children who suffered traumatic brain injuries when the family's 2002 Lexus sedan was struck from behind while sitting in traffic in September of 2016 have been awarded $242.1 million in damages by a Texas jury. The children, Owen Reavis, 3, and his sister, Emily, 5, were severely injured in the back seat of the car when the front seats, where their parents were sitting in the Lexus, were forced backward...


$2.5M Settlement After Equipment Mechanic Killed in Building Collapse

The family of a 52-year-old New Jersey heavy equipment mechanic has reached a $2.5 million settlement with two development and construction companies after the man was killed when a building collapsed on him at a building demolition site. The worker, Raymond Crosby, arrived at the demolition site of the Beachwood Shopping Plaza to repair a piece of equipment on Sept. 24, 2015, when he was asked to go inside the site to cut several support...


$150K Settlement After Driver Killed in Crash with Idaho Sheriff’s Car

An Idaho woman has received a $150,000 settlement in connection with the 2011 death of her father, who was killed when his Jeep was struck by a speeding Idaho sheriff's deputy's vehicle on its way to a 911 call as the victim turned left from a road into his driveway. Jackie Raymond, the daughter of Barry Johnson, who died in the Oct. 18, 2011 crash, sued Payette County, Idaho, following the crash on U.S. Route...


Huge Win for Injured Victims in New Pa. Supreme Court Vehicle Crash Ruling

In Pennsylvania over the past five years, if a vehicle owned and operated by a municipal entity in the Commonwealth such as SEPTA or even a local water authority was involved in a crash while it was not physically moving, the Commonwealth or the entity would be immune from paying you any damages. Think about that for a minute. Even if the Commonwealth or SEPTA or a local water authority vehicle were parked illegally, sticking...


Personal injury in Philly skyscraper

$3.8M Settlement to Man Severely Hurt By Faulty Door in Skyscraper

As he walked through a doorway from an outside service balcony on the roof of the Aramark Tower skyscraper in Philadelphia in May of 2015, an assistant building engineer was severely injured when a faulty outside door was blown by a strong gust of wind behind him, forcing him to violently crash into a large concrete building support beam. The victim, Timothy May, has reached a $3.8 million settlement with the owners and management of...


Car accident in Philadelphia

AutoZone Paying $3.3M Settlement for 3 Crash Deaths in 2016

The families of three people killed in a 2016 vehicle crash in New York State will receive a $3.3 million settlement from AutoZone after one of the company's tractor-trailers smashed into the rear of a car that had run out of gas in the right lane of a highway. The driver of the disabled car, Jesenia Valentin, 29, of Bridgeport, Conn., had called 911 to report her vehicle being disabled on Interstate 84 when it...


Jury Awards $4.9M to Man Who Loses His Leg After Blood Clot Treatment

A Florida jury has awarded a $4.9 million verdict to a man who had to have his left leg amputated below the knee after a surgeon allegedly failed to properly treat him for a blood clot in 2013. The patient, Samuel Gray, who was 61 years old at the time of the treatment, had gone to Winter Haven Hospital in Winter Haven, Fla., where he saw a vascular surgeon, Dr. Panagiotis Iakovidis, and complained about...


$2.15M Settlement to Severely Injured Motorcycle Crash Victim

A 38-year-old Illinois man will receive a $2.15 million settlement after he suffered permanent brain injuries when he was struck by a car as he rode his motorcycle in a Chicago suburb in 2015. The victim, Wyatt Williams, was riding his 1986 Honda CN250 Helix motorcycle on North Avenue near Maple Street in Oak Park, Ill., in June of 2015 when he was struck by a vehicle being driven by Leslie Mueller, 37, of Glendale...


$4.69B Verdict Awarded to Additional Talcum Powder Cancer Victims

The latest jury verdict has been announced – this time for $4.69 billion – for 22 more women who have suffered from ovarian cancer after being long-time users of baby powder from Johnson & Johnson. The verdict was reached in St. Louis, Mo., after a 12-person jury heard five weeks of testimony about the use of the talc-based products by the victims, according to a July 12 story by Reuters. The victims alleged that Johnson...


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