$850,000 Settlement To Brain Injury Victim in Armored Truck Crash

An $850,000 settlement has been reached in the case of a driver whose suffers from a traumatic brain injury caused when his car was struck hard by an armored truck that ran a red light in April 2012 in Bensalem, Pa.

The victim, Frank Jazlovietcki, was 29 at the time of the crash, which happened when an armored truck owned by Garda CL Atlantic Inc., smashed into his car, according to an Aug. 19 story in The Legal Intelligencer. The case was being heard in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas.

The seven-ton armored truck, which was being driven by Garda employee Kevin Moss, struck the victim’s car on the passenger side, and then pushed the car into another vehicle and onto a grassy area, the story reported. Jazlovietcki was trapped in his car after the crash. Jazlovietcki was driving northbound on Brookwood Drive at Street Road in Bensalem on April 21, 2012, when the crash occurred.

“At the hospital, Jazlovietcki was diagnosed with a radial shaft fracture of the left arm, and closed head injury,” the story reported. “The CT scan showed a laceration of the scalp over the right posterior frontal parietal region, as well as a subcutaneous hematoma.” His left arm was also splinted after the crash.

Several days later, Jazlovietcki returned to the hospital on April 23, 2012, “complaining of difficulty breathing, increased neck, head, jaw, left arm and right hand pain.” Tests were conducted including X-rays, as well as EKG and CT scans, the story said.

Jazlovietcki continued to have other health difficulties after the crash, including vertigo, blurred and double vision and memory loss, the story reported. He also experienced radiating pain down his legs and arms, severe wrist pain, and ongoing headaches, back pain, rib cage pain and pain in his left arm, according to the report. An orthopedist later diagnosed Jazlovietcki with a cerebral concussion, cervical, thoracic and lumbosacral pain and strain and myofasical syndrome, the report said. He continued to have ongoing medical issues.

Another doctor, a neuropsychologist, later diagnosed the victim with concentration, speech and short-term memory problems, according to the story. The doctor also diagnosed him as suffering from anxiety and depression and unable to resume work, as well as from a traumatic brain disorder. He had been employed as a material handler in a K-mart store.

On July 28, the case was settled for $850,000.

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