$2.8 Million Settlement to Girl Scout Badly Hurt in Fall From Rocks

The family of an adolescent girl who was severely injured in April 2012 when she fell from a rock formation while visiting a camp facility with a group of Girl Scouts has received a $2.8 million settlement for her injuries and long-term care.

The girl, Ashley Bagosy, was 11 years old when she fell while climbing on rocks with a group of other girls on a visit to Camp Archbald in Kingsley, Pa., in Susquehanna County, north of Scranton, according to a Jan. 27 story in The Legal Intelligencer.

Bagosy suffered from a traumatic brain injury as a result of the fall, which led to memory, cognition, speech and behavioral problems, according to a pretrial memorandum. The injury occurred when Bagosy and several other girls on the visit went outside the camp without supervision, the story reported.

“During the unsupervised outing, she allegedly fell off a rock formation and then rolled about 20 feet, according to the plaintiffs’ memo,” the story reported. “The plaintiffs further contended that during the fall, Bagosy struck her head, back, neck and extremities.”

After the girl’s fall, the other girls brought her back to the camp, where several adults who were supervising the visit began to notice that Bagosy was “disheveled, confused and not responding properly,” the story reported. The victim was driven by one of the adults to a hospital, where she was examined and released.

Bagosy’s parents, Stephen and Marsha Bagosy, filed a negligence lawsuit in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas, alleging “that the camp was negligent for failing to control the campers, and that it negligently hired, managed and controlled its employees,” the story reported. “The plaintiffs additionally alleged in the complaint that the camp failed to have adequate safety protocols in place.”

The girl was later treated at several medical facilities, including the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Nemours/Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children and Johns Hopkins Medical Center, the story reported. “The damages that Bagosy sustained, the plaintiffs argued in their memo, were both economic and noneconomic, and included medical expenses. The plaintiffs additionally argued that Bagosy’s future earning capacity would be limited due to the fall, and that her injuries may be permanent.”

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