New York Woman Receives $250K Settlement in Bus-Car Crash

A New Springville, N.Y., woman whose car was struck by a New York City Transit express bus as she drove in Eltingville, N.Y., in August 2009 has reached a $250,000 settlement with the transit company and its driver.

Tara Prussack, now 39, was driving her car at 7:45 p.m. on Aug. 3, 2009, on Richmond Avenue toward Eltingville Boulevard when the crash occurred. The bus allegedly sideswiped her car and caused her vehicle to veer to the right and s strike a curb, according to an Oct. 23 story in the Staten Island (N.Y.) Advance newspaper. The bus was heading to New York City Transit’s Yukon Depot in New Springville after its last run of the day, the story reported.

Prussack received injuries to her right shoulder, neck and back in the crash and required two surgeries on her shoulder, according to the report. She sued the bus company and its driver, Gregory S. Tortora, in New York State Supreme Court, alleging that the bus was “speeding and had illegally moved out of its lane and hit her vehicle,” the story reported. A jury agreed with the plaintiff after hearing the case, dismissing defense assertions that her injuries were “pre-existing and degenerative in nature and could not have been caused by the impact.” The settlement was reached during the damages phase of the trial, the story said.

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