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Were You Injured by Psychiatrist Malpractice?

Psychiatrists have a high standard of duty to provide mental health care to their patients without taking advantage of their vulnerable state. Unfortunately, some psychiatrists do just the opposite. They suggest and carry out radical treatment methods, plant false memories, and may even enter into sexual relations with their patients.

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What Is Psychiatrist Malpractice?

For an action to be considered true malpractice, a psychiatric doctor must have acted in violation of the standard duty of care. These actions must have caused some form of emotional or physical harm.

Examples of psychiatrist malpractice include:

  • Using restraints when it is unnecessary
  • Prescribing the wrong medication
  • Engaging in sexual acts
  • Failing to identify common signs of a mental health disorder
  • Disregarding patient-client confidentiality rights
  • Forcing radical ideas or procedures on patients
  • Pennsylvania Lawyers Handling Breach of Patient-Client Confidentiality Cases

Breach of client-patient confidentiality is another serious situation. Psychiatric care is a very personal matter. Because of its stigma, those who seek therapy can be looked down upon by family, peers and employers. Confessions during a therapy session may harm an individual if they are leaked. You have the right to pursue a lawsuit against a psychiatrist or psychologist if he or she violated patient-client confidentiality.

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