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Food Poisoning Symptoms and Prevention

Recent food product recalls in the United States (peanut butter) and China (melamine added to products) have raised the profile of food safety in our homes, on grocery store shelves and in local restaurants.

Fast Facts on Food Poisoning

  • The CDC estimates that food poisoning causes 76 million illnesses in America each year.
  • You can find out whether a Pennsylvania restaurant or food vendor has been cited for a violation during inspections by searching the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture’s Food Establishment Inspection Search

Food Poisoning Symptoms, Prevention and Claims

You can become ill from food in several ways, including through contaminated food and improper handling by food preparers. Whether you become sick from food from your own kitchen or after eating at a local restaurant, you will suffer the same consequences, including diarrhea, vomiting and possibly, a fever. The best course of treatment is to drink plenty of fluids so that you can flush out the food poisoning.

To prevent food poisoning, if you are preparing the food yourself, do not cross-contaminate foods such as fruits and vegetables with meats. Use separate knives, cutting boards and other utensils when preparing these foods. If you are at a restaurant and you can observe your food being prepared, watch for instances where a food preparer touches your food without gloves on, or for food workers who appear sick. You can also check for restaurant inspection violations.

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