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Head injuries can range from concussions to traumatic brain injury. No matter what the diagnosis, there is one common factor: Head injuries are serious. Even seemingly minor injuries can affect your work and your ability to remember inform. Concussions and other blows to the head also can lead to problems that are more serious later on, such as bleeding in the brain.

If you or a loved one were involved in an accident and suffered injury to the head, seek medical attention right away. Make sure the doctor knows you were in an accident and that he or she documents all visits regarding your head injury. These medical notes will play an essential role in recovering maximum compensation or workers’ compensation benefits if you were injured at work.

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At MyPhillyLawyer, we understand the importance of recovering compensation for medical costs, wage loss from work, and general pain and suffering from your head injury. When we take your personal injury case, we act immediately to preserve evidence, interview witnesses and take other actions to form a strong and effective case on your behalf. Contact the Philadelphia head injury attorneys at MyPhillyLawyer today for a free consultation and case evaluation. We represent clients throughout Pennsylvania.

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Dorinda Marshall

Thank you for representing my seven year old daughter against the owner of the German Sheppard dog that attacked her. The money will be used for her college tuition. God Bless You!

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Tatiana Bardina

My friend told me that [MyPhillyLawyer] was a very reliable company and that they take care of everything. Attorney Dean I. Weitzman was always on top of everything. He was very efficient and he made me really comfortable. I didn't know what to do and how it all works. He was very helpful. I did not have to worry about anything. They did it all very professionally. There were no problems whatsoever.

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What impressed me most is that I called him [Dean I. Weitzman] and told him I wanted to come and see him. He said "No, you were in an accident and I will come and see you." He came the next day. We've been friends ever since. I call him if I have a problem, and he calls me back. I tell him you are like my son. I never had to go anywhere on my own. He always said "I will pick you up and take you there." That's what I love about him.

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Lillie R. Daniels

They are a law firm that cares. They are loving. They are compassionate. They are honest and anything they can do for you they will do. They will go the extra mile.

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After talking with him [Dean I. Weitzman] on the radio, he gave me some good insights on what could happen next. As a person, he just seemed like he knew you for a long time. He made you feel like he was raised up in your neighborhood. He had someone from his office contact me periodically to let me know what was happening.

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