Surgical Mesh Recall Litigation: Your Options

What Are Your Options for Bringing a Surgical Mesh Lawsuit?

Juries are listening. They have held Johnson & Johnson and other manufacturers of defective transvaginal surgical mesh products accountable for millions of dollars in damages. While every TVM case ā€“ and every jury ā€“ is unique, we can expect many more verdicts and settlements to favor women who have suffered serious life-altering complications after transvaginal mesh surgeries.

Are you a victim of defective transvaginal mesh? Has your mesh eroded, causing you serious pain, recurrent prolapse and other problems? Did your mesh contract after surgery? Have you had to have multiple surgeries to remove the mesh?

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Thousands of women across the country are taking part in class action and multidistrict litigation to hold transvaginal surgical mesh manufacturers accountable for their injuries. Contact the transvaginal surgical mesh recall lawyers at MyPhillyLawyer to learn how you can recover compensation after a TVM surgery gone horribly wrong. Call (866) 352-4572 or send us an email today.

Transvaginal Mesh Class Action vs. Private Lawsuits

You may think, “If so many people are experiencing the same thing as me, why don’t we band together to sue the manufacturers that harmed us?” Class action lawsuits allow a few named plaintiffs to represent an entire class of people with similar injuries by the same company. They are an effective way to hold manufacturers accountable when many individuals have faced minor injuries.

Many transvaginal mesh injuries, however, are not minor. That is why it is often more advantageous to file an individual lawsuit against a TVM manufacturer. Through a private lawsuit, a plaintiff has more control over the outcome of a case and can often recover a better verdict or settlement than in a class action lawsuit.

Because so many women have similar complaints against transvaginal mesh manufacturers, the surgical mesh lawsuits in federal court are being consolidated into multidistrict litigation (MDL). MDL joins the transvaginal mesh cases together to simplify the discovery process, but still allows each individual to have his or her “day in court.”

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When a company creates a product that harms someone, it must be held accountable. There is evidence showing that manufacturers knew transvaginal surgical mesh implants were dangerous, but failed to warn surgeons of the dangers or recall the products. If you have been affected by a TVM, you may be able to recover compensation for your injuries. Contact our law office today for a free consultation.

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