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Paraquat is a chemical herbicide used by farmers and other agricultural workers to control weeds and other undesirable grass growth. While Paraquat works as intended, there is also evidence suggesting that its use can lead to injuries or even death. If you have developed Parkinson’s Disease or any other symptoms from the use of Paraquat, you may be entitled to significant monetary compensation. Consulting with an experienced personal injury attorney at MyPhillyLawyer is the first step towards understanding your rights.

What Is Paraquat?

Paraquat, also known as Gramoxone, is a highly toxic weed killer manufactured by several major companies, including Syngenta, Chevron Chemical Company, Drexel Chemical Company, and others. The United States Environmental Protection Agency classifies Paraquat as a “restricted use” chemical, meaning that it can only be used by those who first obtain a permit. The chemical is so dangerous that all Paraquat sold in the United States must contain blue dye so that users can distinguish it from other household chemicals.

Although Paraquat is highly regulated, it is also one of the most common herbicides used in the United States. Paraquat is inexpensive, effective and, in the wake of the Roundup lawsuits based on the link between glyphosate and Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, it has become the herbicide of choice for many in the agriculture industry.

Is Paraquat Dangerous?

Paraquat is extremely dangerous. If ingested, Paraquat can cause severe damage. In some cases, someone who comes into contact with Paraquat may not know it until they begin experiencing symptoms. According to the Centers for Disease Control, the common symptoms of Paraquat poisoning include:

  • Pain and swelling in and around the mouth and throat
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Abdominal pain
  • Diarrhea

Even exposure to a small amount of Paraquat can cause heart failure, liver failure, kidney failure, and scarring of the lungs. Generally, these conditions set in within a few days to a few weeks after exposure. While most people who suffer from Paraquat poisoning accidentally ingest the chemical, it can also cause severe damage when it comes into contact with the skin. The immediate symptoms of Paraquat exposure include:

  • Confusion
  • Sudden kidney failure
  • Increase heart rate
  • Muscle weakness
  • Seizures
  • Breathing trouble
  • Coma

A growing body of evidence links Paraquat use to Parkinson’s disease. Other evidence also suggests that the manufacturers of Paraquat knew of these risks and failed to disclose them on product packaging.

Holding the Manufactures of Paraquat Liable

If you or a loved one suffered from Paraquat poisoning or developed Parkinson’s disease after using Paraquat, you can pursue a legal claim against the manufacturer. These claims, referred to a product liability cases, seek to hold manufacturers liable for the damages caused by their products.

Generally, manufacturers are responsible for the products they create, market and sell. While some products are understandably dangerous, it is up to the manufacturer to adequately warn consumers of a product’s dangers so they can make an informed decision about whether they want to purchase and use the product. If a manufacturer fails to include the necessary warnings, they can be held financially responsible for any harms stemming from a product’s use.

Common brands include:

  • Blanco
  • Bonfire Herbicide
  • Devour
  • Firestorm
  • Gramaxone
  • Helmquat
  • Para-SHOT
  • Parazone
  • Quik-Quat Blanco

These “failure to warn” lawsuits are key to holding manufacturers accountable so that they do not continue to market unreasonably dangerous products without including the necessary warnings.

If you are successful in bringing a claim against the manufacturer of Paraquat, you can obtain compensation that will help you deal with the many expenses you incur due to your condition. In addition, the manufacturer may be responsible for providing you money damages related to the limitations you now face due to the exposure to Paraquat.

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