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Examples of Surgeon Mistakes

The Philadelphia surgical errors attorneys at MyPhillyLawyer, handle cases for victims of many different types of surgical errors, including:

Wrong surgery: Sadly, wrong surgeries happen more frequently than one would think. This can lead to prolonged recovery, additional surgeries, infections and other complications.
Wrong site: Did the surgeon perform the right procedure on the wrong body part?

Anesthesia errors: Dosage errors, delay in delivery, mistakes in intubation, failure to monitor the patient and failure to recognize complications can all be deadly.

Unsterile equipment: Infections due to unsterilized equipment put patients at risk.

Lacerations and punctures: Nicks or punctures to organs, muscles, nerves or other internal structures may not be noticed until it is too late.

Instruments and sponges left behind: Hospital policies call for counting surgical instruments before and after the procedure, but mistakes still happen. These mistakes can lead to serious infection and death.

Post-surgical errors: When complications are not recognized or treated in a timely way, the results can be extremely dangerous for patients.

Did you suffer significant harm because of a surgical error? Did a member of your family die because of a doctor’s/surgeon’s mistake?

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Were You Injured By a Surgical Error?

When you undergo a surgical procedure, you need to know that you can trust the doctors, nurses and other medical professionals on the surgical team. Unfortunately, judgment errors, tiredness and general carelessness can lead to preventable surgical errors.

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