How do I report a hit-and-run accident?

Reporting a hit-and-run accident is extremely important. Keep in mind that when you report a hit-and-run accident, you want to make sure that you report it to both the police and your car insurance company. Failure to report a hit-and-run accident will make it much harder to obtain fair compensation for your injuries.

To report a hit-and-run accident to the police, you can call 911 or your local police or sheriff’s department. While reporting any Philadelphia car accident is important, it is especially the case in hit-and-run accidents. When you report the accident to the police, provide them with as many details as you can, including the location of the accident, the direction of travel of both vehicles, the license plate number of the fleeing vehicle or a description of the car.

After you report a hit-and-run accident to the police, you will need to report it to your insurance company as well. Under the terms of your car insurance policy, you need to report any accident within a certain period of time. However, when talking to the insurance company, be careful what you say. You want to avoid admitting fault or minimizing your injuries. Remember, anything you tell the insurance company can be used to reduce the value of your claim. In some cases, the insurance company may outright deny your claim. It is best to consult with an experienced Philadelphia car accident lawyer before talking to the insurance company.

Reporting a hit-and-run accident is a crucial step to recovering compensation after the crash. If you do not report the accident, there will be no proof that the accident occurred. This can lead an insurance company to deny your claim or, at the very least, offer you far less in compensation than you deserve.

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