What insurance covers hit-and-run accidents?

Almost every state in the country requires drivers to purchase at least some amount of car insurance. However, lawmakers are aware that insurance is expensive, so they allow motorists to buy low-limit policies. However, some basic insurance policies do not provide full coverage for all accident types. For example, if you purchased uninsured motorist coverage, hit-and-run accidents are only covered under your policy. While insurance companies are legally required to offer you uninsured motorist coverage, the decision to purchase this insurance is up to you. Thus, if you maintain a basic insurance policy with the minimum limits for bodily injury liability, you may not have uninsured motorist protection and could find yourself on the hook for your own medical expenses after a hit-and-run accident.

To protect against this, it is highly advised to add uninsured motorist protection to your car insurance policy. As the name implies, this coverage also helps pay for your accident-related expenses if the driver who hit you is identified but does not have a car insurance policy.

Of course, every accident is unique, and the insurance laws in Pennsylvania are very complex. Thus, even if you do not have uninsured motorist protection or you were told by your insurance company that your accident was not covered, you must follow up with a Philadelphia car accident lawyer. Your lawyer may be able to convince the insurance company to compensate you fairly and can pursue legal action against them if they wrongfully refuse to do so.

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