How much time will it take for me to recover damages in my Pennsylvania truck accident case?

Thousands of truck accidents occur every year in Pennsylvania. Some crashes result in minor to severe injuries, while others may have fatalities. The at-fault parties in truck accidents are liable for the resulting property damage, physical injuries and other damages. The collision victims, or their families, may file a lawsuit to recover damages they sustained in the accident. In Pennsylvania, a person has two years from the truck accident date to file a lawsuit. Although the injured party may meet the legal deadline to file, the time it takes to receive compensation for the damages varies.  

Recovery for damages incurred in a truck accident can occur quickly after filing a lawsuit, but sometimes the legal process may take longer. To begin a lawsuit, the plaintiff must file a complaint stating their injury and the outcome they are seeking. If the defendant does not answer the plaintiff’s complaint within the time set by Pennsylvania law, the plaintiff may be awarded a default judgment and recover the damages sought. The parties may also reach a settlement agreement after the plaintiff files the lawsuit. Once the plaintiff signs a contract that releases the defendant of any claim of liability, the plaintiff may receive the compensation for their damages. If the parties do not reach an agreement and go to trial, the time it will take to recover damages for the truck accident may be up to a year or several years from the date the plaintiff filed the lawsuit.

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