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Caustic substances at industrial factories, science labs and other workplaces are usually dangerous when in contact with the skin. The exposure can result in boils or severe burns that leave the victim permanently scarred and disfigured. Sometimes, the burns are so bad that the victim loses complete feeling and function in the injured area.

When OSHA violations, supervisor negligence, employee careless mistakes or other actions cause you a chemical injury, an experienced lawyer can help you seek compensation.

Why Hire Us After Becoming Sick After Chemical Exposure?

At MyPhillyLawyer, we represent victims of chemical burns in the Philadelphia area and throughout South Jersey. We use our decades of experience in handling both personal injury and workers’ compensation cases to maximize the benefits and compensation our clients receive for their suffering. Contact us today to schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your case Call 215-227-2727.

Our Lawyers File Workers’ Compensation Claims in Pennsylvania

A successful workers’ compensation claim depends on providing solid evidence of your chemical injury, the actions that caused it, and the effect on your ability to work. We know what experts can help you and how to effectively put together a case. If your claim is denied, we will help you file an appeal, negotiating with your employer’s insurance companies or taking your case to trial when necessary.

Handling Third-Party Liability Cases

If your chemical burn was the result of someone’s carelessness or negligence, you may be able to file a third-party liability claim. Workers’ compensation benefits may not cover all of your financial needs and do not compensate you for emotional suffering. Third-party claims can make sure you and your family receives the full damages you deserve for your chemical injuries. A skilled attorney at our firm will review your case and pursue a recovery against the responsible party.

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If you suffered a chemical burn at work, contact MyPhillyLawyer to schedule a free initial consultation with an experienced attorney. We will help you recover the benefits or third-party compensation you deserve.

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