MyPhillyLawyer’s Court Radio Expands to 2 More Radio Stations

MyPhillyLawyer’s four-year-old “Court Radio” show, which is broadcast at 7 a.m. ET every Sunday on 100.3 FM in Philadelphia, is now expanding to two additional radio stations starting this Sunday, Sept. 8.

The call-in radio show, which features listeners asking questions about their legal concerns and problems involving a wide variety of scenarios, has been a Sunday morning staple in the Philadelphia area since January of 2009 on Old School 100.3 FM, which was formerly known as WRNB.

Starting Sept. 8, Court Radio will now also be carried live on Hot 107.9 and on Praise 103.9 in Philadelphia as the popular radio program brings its legal advice, comfort, folksy assistance and humor to more callers who have legal questions and want to get help from a lawyer. All three stations are part of the Radio One network.

This is an exciting moment for MyPhillyLawyer and Court Radio as we expand our help and expertise to more people across the Delaware Valley and the country.  I’ve been hosting the show since its start, along with my co-host and fellow attorney David M. Rapoport. Each week listeners can call in with their legal questions to 215-263-1003 in the Philadelphia area or they can also email their questions to us at Participants are asked to only ask or submit ONE question each time so that all callers have a chance to discuss the legal topics that are on their minds.

Listeners who are outside the Philadelphia metropolitan area can listen to Court Radio over the Internet as well. The broadcasts can be heard on web sites for Old School 100.3, Hot 107.9 or  Praise 103.9. You can even listen to past shows and their featured guests by downloading or listening to stored podcasts.

Each week, I bring in a special guest to answer your legal questions and provide information on a dizzying array of legal topics, all with humor, good advice and at no charge to callers. Recent show topics have covered a myriad of legal topics, including car scams, landlord tenant issues, workplace discrimination, birth injuries, auto insurance, medical malpractice and much more.

This Sunday Sept. 8,our in-studio guest for our show will be Pennsylvania State Rep. Jordan Harris, who will discuss his recent legislation, House Bills 908 and 909, which would allow the expungement of some criminal records for some former offenders.

This issue is a very pertinent matter for many people. Our topic, Re-Examining Expungement –Should a Criminal Record Follow You For Life? – will raise intriguing questions about whether or not past mistakes should ever be removed from a person’s record within the legal system. One in five Philadelphians have criminal records.  Some persons have served their time and have stayed out of trouble with the law; but are still dogged by their record which bars them from employment and other opportunities. Some 122,000 city residents have been released from prison between 2009 and 2012, and the city’s poverty rate has increased from 24 percent to 28 percent over the same period, according to statistics. Harris will discuss why he feels it important for certain criminal records to be expunged and discuss why it is crucial for the bill to be passed.

In November 2011, MyPhillyLawyer celebrated the 10th anniversary of the creation of the MyPhillyLawyer brand in the Philadelphia metropolitan area. From the streets of Philadelphia’s incredible neighborhoods to the Jersey Shore, to Delaware, Maryland and north to Allentown, Easton and Bethlehem, the attorneys and staff of MyPhillyLawyer work hard every day to serve a diverse range of clients who are involved in a myriad of legal cases.

Court Radio is brought to you each week by the law offices of Silvers, Langsam & Weitzman, P.C., which is known throughout the Philadelphia area as MyPhillyLawyer. The original firm, Silvers & Langsam, was started in 1976 by the late Arnold Silver and Saul Langsam, who remains with the firm today. Later, Dean Weitzman joined the firm, eventually inspiring another name change for the firm to Silvers, Langsam & Weitzman. Today, MyPhillyLawyer is the online and public face of the firm and its attorneys and staff.

I welcome you and personally invite you to listen in each week to Court Radio and to participate in our discussions. We’d love to hear from you and discuss your concerns and the legal issues that you might be facing.

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