Philadelphia Car Accident Attorney Awards $2,500 College Scholarship to Construction Accident Victim in Second Year of the MyPhillyLawyer Accident Survivor Scholarship

February 14th, 2020

Philadelphia car accident attorney

By Dean I. Weitzman, Esq.


Philadelphia’s MyPhillyLawyer personal injury and car accident law firm has awarded its $2,500 MyPhillyLawyer Accident Survivor Scholarship for 2019 to a 22-year-old New York student who was seriously injured in 2017 by falling construction debris on a Brooklyn street.

Asma Khursheed, an engineering student at the New York University Tandon School of Engineering in Brooklyn, New York, is the winner of the scholarship, which is awarded each year to recognize and support victims of a wide range of workplace, car, truck and other serious accidents who are continuing to pursue their educational goals. The scholarship was created in recognition of the many stories of accident victims which show perseverance, drive and dedication to recovery after suffering devastating physical or mental injuries. Applicants for the scholarship may also include victims of medical errors or other life-threatening incidents caused by someone else’s negligence. Applicants can be students in law school or college. The 2019 award is the second in the program’s history.

Asma was selected as the 2019 winner of the award due to her perseverance in the aftermath of a construction accident that occurred on September 20, 2017. Award recipients are chosen based on the merits of a 500-word personal statement describing their life as a student and how they dealt with the challenges that the accident presented in their lives.

Asma’s horrifying construction accident occurred while she was walking on a sidewalk in Brooklyn through an active construction zone, she said. As she walked, a sign redirected pedestrians to take an alternate path. While she followed the detour, a large piece of wood fell from the construction site above, striking her forcefully in her legs. As the piece of wood fell it caught her attention at the last moment and she was able to shield herself by raising her hands, she said.

“I was actually following the sign that said ‘walk this way,’ and there was no other way to go,” she told MyPhillyLawyer.

Though no bones were broken, Asma suffered severe bruising that required many medical treatments and limited her to only taking her classes online for four months during her sophomore year. She had to go to physical therapy sessions, visit her orthopedic surgeon regularly and go to countless appointments with her primary care provider. During her recovery, she had trouble walking and was forced to use a cane after three months of treatments.

In her winning essay, Asma wrote that her experience has changed the way she looks at construction sites, as well as the laws that protect pedestrians. There are strong laws that protect motorists, she said, and there should be a similar set of laws to protect pedestrians.

Asma said she is very appreciative of the scholarship award from MyPhillyLawyer.

“The scholarship is so helpful,” she said. “In my first year of school I couldn’t even afford to buy textbooks. Thank you so much.”

As the managing partner of MyPhillyLawyer, I am truly inspired that Asma was able to find the inner strength to succeed and focus on her recovery after her accident on the sidewalks of New York. Her refusal to let the accident define her or her path in life is encouragement to others trying to rebuild their lives in the face of similar challenges. The MyPhillyLawyer team is proud to support her pursuit of higher education with this scholarship.

In the course of our work, the attorneys of MyPhillyLawyer have met many people struggling with life-altering injuries. We consider it a privilege to be able to assist families in obtaining compensation for such injuries, and we decided that we want to give back to the community in another way as well.

Students who wish to apply should submit a brief personal statement of 500 words or less about how the incident affected the student’s life and how they overcame their injury. The winner of the scholarship will be based on the strength of the personal statement.

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