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Here’s How MyPhillyLawyer is Working on Behalf of Our Clients During the COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic

On behalf of MyPhillyLawyer, in these unprecedented days of the COVID-19 coronavirus that threatens our communities and has shut down much of our nation and our world, I wanted to communicate with you, our clients, friends and potential clients, to let you know what we are doing in reaction to this crisis.

Our offices in Center City Philadelphia are closed in accordance with the city’s shutdown order so that we may all practice social distancing and help to protect our employees, our clients and the other residents of our community.

We are, however, 100% operational. MyPhillyLawyer is continuing to sign new clients remotely, and we are continuing to work tirelessly and advocating on behalf of our current clients. I’ve been working from home as has my entire staff of lawyers, paralegals and support workers.

In preparation for such an event, our offices are 100% cloud-based, which was set up long ago to ensure that we would be able to stay in operation during any kind of emergency disruption, whether caused by severe weather or any other circumstances.

We are still at work, remotely, speaking with clients who are concerned about their cases, continuing to speak with insurance companies about potential settlements and doing everything we can on behalf of our clients every day. As the managing partner of MyPhillyLawyer, I am continuing to call and speak with insurance company representatives every today and am communicating those discussions with our clients.

We look forward to getting through the current coronavirus emergency together and once again getting back to our personal meetings with clients, and to our core business of representing you in person, in court and in other legal proceedings.

This truly is an unprecedented time in our history, when life as we know it is seemingly under attack.

Yet at the same time, we are buoyed by the everyday heroes who are helping us all get through this crisis – from the doctors and nurses who are treating patients, to hospital staffers and janitors and equipment technicians who are continuing to keep operations going, to emergency responders in our communities who are caring for patients and residents in their communities.

(WATCH our new “We Celebrate Everyday Heroes” video and TV spot on YouTube by clicking here)

Then there are the everyday heroes we maybe didn’t even see in that way a few months ago – the grocery store workers who continue to stock shelves and run checkout lines and the truck drivers who are continuing to move food and groceries, medical supplies and a wide range of other critical supplies to where they need to go across our communities and our nation.

There are farmers and farm workers, including migrant workers, who are continuing to raise and harvest and transport crops, as well as restaurant workers who are continuing to go to work to cook and prepare take-out meals for residents in their communities who are trying to give those establishments some business so they can survive this crisis. There are the food delivery drivers who are still heading out to pick up and deliver those food orders, even when others just want to stay safe in their homes at this point.

Then there are our mail carriers, our package delivery people, our utility workers from electric companies to gas companies to cable TV providers, our car and truck mechanics, our road crews, our mass transit drivers and operators, and many others who are all continuing to go to work at some risk to ensure that we will all as a society get through these frightening and uncertain times with some semblance of normalcy.

Here at MyPhillyLawyer, we have been witnessing the bravery, selflessness and dedication of all these vital people in our communities, these oft-unnoticed heroes, and we salute each and every one of them. They are the heroes who are helping to keep us all safer as we go through these experiences together.

They are the epitome of the American spirit and we could not win this battle against the COVID-19 coronavirus without them.

So, please stay in, stay safe, practice social distancing and please wash your hands with plenty of soap and water for at least 20 seconds using warm or hot water as often as possible when at home or when you have to go out for groceries, prescriptions or doctor’s visits. Remember to sing the Happy Birthday song twice as you wash and scrub ad soap up your hands – that will let you know you have washed for the full 20 seconds at least.

Better safe than sorry, my friends. We can get through this together even if we temporarily have to be apart.

Best wishes,

Dean Weitzman

Managing partner of MyPhillyLawyer

For more information regarding the Coronavirus, below are a few additional resources:

CDC – Coronavirus Overview

Harvard Medical School

World Health Organization (WHO)

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