Holiday Parties, Drinking, Driving and Your Legal Responsibilities

With the December holidays here, from Hanukkah to Kwanzaa to Christmas and more, it’s a good time to talk about holiday parties, social drinking and potential legal liabilities affecting party hosts when enjoying the season and serving alcoholic beverages to friends, family and colleagues. In Pennsylvania, the Commonwealth doesn't recognize the legal concept of social host liability, which is when a host serves a visibly intoxicated person and that person subsequently injures himself or someone...


Man Wins $4M Verdict After Being Blinded in Fall on Store Sidewalk

Damages of $4 million have been awarded to a York, Pa., man after a fall in 2012 that blinded him in his left eye as he exited a store in a small shopping center. The victim, William Waite, who was 79 at the time of the incident, had just left the store on July 3, 2012 at 2861 East Prospect Road in York when he lost his footing "due to an allegedly unseen single step"...


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