How long after a car accident can you experience pain?

Car accidents occur every day. In minor and major vehicle collisions, the driver and passengers involved may suffer injuries. Most often, the injured party feels the pain from their injuries immediately. However, some do not feel any pain or discomfort while at the accident scene or in the days and weeks that follow. As time passes, a person involved in the car crash may begin to feel a sudden onset of pain from an underlying injury sustained in the accident.

Anyone involved in a car accident should seek immediate medical attention. Right after an accident, you may feel fine and believe that you do not have any injuries. Although pain is an indicator of an injury, lack of pain does not always mean you do not have any injuries. The absence of pain may also be a sign of a severe medical condition. Getting a timely diagnosis helps when filing an insurance claim for damages. If the pain does not present itself until several hours, days or weeks from the accident, it may be difficult for the injured person to show that the injury arose from the car accident.

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