What should I bring to a meeting with a car accident lawyer?

A car accident victim may want legal representation to file an insurance claim or lawsuit against the at-fault driver. Therefore, the victim may hire a Pennsylvania car accident attorney to handle the legal process. A case begins when the attorney files the Complaint in the appropriate court. The Complaint consists of information and allegations made by the victim, also known as the plaintiff. For the attorney to draft the Complaint, the injured party must provide the accident’s facts at the first meeting with the attorney.  

The first meeting with the car accident attorney may be a free consultation. At the initial consultation, the attorney will inquire about the accident and the victim’s injuries and expenses that arose from it. To prepare for the consultation, the victim should be ready to relay what happened before, during and after the car accident. In further support of the allegation that another person is at-fault for the collision, the victim may bring a copy of the accident report. The victim may also prepare by obtaining copies of their medical bills, medical information and medical images showing the extent of their injuries.

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