What should I do if I hit my head in a car accident?

No one anticipates having a car accident. Whether the collision is a minor accident or a major crash, a driver or passenger involved in the accident may hit their head upon impact. Head injuries are incredibly serious. After any car accident, one of the drivers must alert the police. Medical services should also be notified to help anyone who is injured and render immediate medical attention.

Anyone can develop a head injury after an automobile crash. The impact on the head may result in a mild, moderate or severe head or brain injury. Head injuries include bumps or bruises, concussions, skull fractures, bleeding on the brain and swelling.

The severity of a hit to the head is difficult to determine from just looking at someone. Therefore, the injured person should get a medical examination right away. An X-ray, CT scan and physical exam can determine the extent of the head injury. Medications, surgery and rehabilitation are treatment options depending on the type of head injury the person suffers. Receiving treatment accrue medical expenses; therefore, the injured person should record their medical expenses. An injured person may seek recovery for their out-of-pocket costs and lost wages due to their head injury. Contact MyPhillyLawyer right way for assistance.

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